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BNP Policy Focus #6: Tax breaks for the rich, tax hikes for the poor

This is a cross post by Nothing British

The BNP would lift the income tax allowance to £15,000 as a first step towards abolishing it completely. To make up for this revenue, they’d increase consumption taxes such as VAT and tariffs. (source) They would increase the inheritance tax threshold to £1,000,000. (source)

The BNP have strong ideological objections to income tax, believing it to be tax on effort and hard work. Their 2005 manifesto (source)  went so far as to claim that “there is actually very little difference between the feudal mediaeval serf …  and the position of the modern wage slave who must work half the entire year before reaching his ‘tax freedom day’.”

Income tax may not be a popular tax, but the BNP’s proposal is the most regressive tax system proposed by any political party in Britain, left or right wing:

–          They’d give the rich a tax break. By removing income tax, the BNP would in effect by removing the one progressive element in our tax system, giving the better off a massive tax cut.

–          They’d massively increase the cost of the weekly bills. To pay for this tax break for the rich, the BNP would have to massive increase consumption taxes such as VAT and tariffs. VAT would have to reach something closer to 50% than 15%. Because the poor spend as a proportion of their income far more than the rich, this would hit them by far the hardest. This is by far the most regressive tax policy of any political party in Britain.

–              An inheritance tax cut that we’d all to have to pay for. The BNP are copying the Conservative’s tax pledge to raise the inheritance tax threshold. However the Conservatives plan to pay for their proposal with a levy on non-domicile workers in the UK economy, while the BNP wouldn’t allow foreign workers in their economy at all. Instead, the £3 bn cost would be borne by the rest of us.

If the BNP are so keen to protect Britain’s working class, then why are they so keen to hike their taxes?