Anti Fascism,  antisemitism

Anthony McRoy and the National Front

It is quite telling how some people’s politics change, but their obsessions remain the same. Take the strange case of Anthony McRoy. In his response to Joe Weissman, Dr McRoy admits, cryptically:

“we have all done things when we were young that we later regret, myself included, although I was not a Born-again Christian at the time, as is Mr Weissman”

It is now clear what he was alluding to. The Jewish Chronicle reveals today that Dr McRoy used to be a neo-Nazi. Yes folks, he once was an activist with the National Front.

He now says he is opposed to the BNP and campaigns against racism. It is likely that he genuinely believes that racism is pernicious, and that it must be opposed in all its forms. But isn’t it curious that since moving leftwards from far right, the basic narrative in which Jews are placed centre-stage of the world’s ills, remains intact?

So, a man who was active in a politic milieu that is completely obsessed with Jews, as a pernicious race, has now shifted his focus to Israel, the home to half the world’s Jews. The former National Front activist re-emerges as an evangelical Christian theologian with a specialty in ‘anti-Zionism’ and Islamist ‘resistance’ movements who attends a conference in Iran that is backed by the Holocaust denier in chief, President Ahmadinejad.

For the Jew-obsessed, the beauty of the increasingly blurred line – the ‘notional front’ – between far-right and far-left (so much so that “Socialists” like Jenna Delich can’t spot a KKK website before recommending articles to union colleagues) is that they don’t have to change their views or behaviour – just their rationale.

They can even keep some of their friends.