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Why does Nick Griffin allow neo-Nazis to attend the BNP ‘family festival’?

This is a cross post by Edmund Standing

Recently, I exposed the pro-Nazi views of BNP activist and BNP ‘Red, White & Blue’ (RWB) festival attendee Beverley Kerry. Kerry (AKA ‘Odinsgal88’), who was present at RWB 2009, rails against ‘the Jew’, longs for a ‘National Socialist government’ in Britain, and counts the worst of Britain’s neo-Nazis amongst her friends.

Unsurprisingly, Kerry wasn’t the only neo-Nazi present at last year’s RWB. Also amongst the revellers at this ‘family event’ were representatives of the ‘Covert Undercover Nuisance Tactics’ (CUNT) blog, who are good friends of Kerry (she is even moderator of their moribund forum). Covert is a group effort, with a number of contributors.

Amongst those contributors we find Tommy Williams and Dave Howard:

Covert’s RWB 2009 coverage began on August 13th, with a message encouraging BNP supporters to use their blog as an RWB news service:

As you know the Covert Team will try and do our best to bring you video, photos and news from the RWB if and when we get any. You will see we have added a banner link just below the video player which takes you straight to all things RWB related so keep checking back for updates. We also hear that there may even be some live broadcasts which will be exclusive only to COVERTtv so if you want to know when they’ll be happening we suggest joining our emailing list at All mailing list members will be the first to know of any live broadcasts etc so sign up now (over 400 already have).

August 15th brought a report from the festival itself, including a photo of the camping area:

What a day its been. The weather has been all over the place but overall its been good and warm … We have some VERY interesting things to report but you’ll all have to wait until we have time to make a more comprehensive report.

The next day, the Covert team posted another photograph, this time of a young boy holding a union flag.

Then, on August 17th, a video was posted:

This is brilliant. We don’t know much about the fella who was singing but there was a few folk there including Richard Barnbrook and the Walker Brothers. This was just sat round a campfire at the end of the Friday Night at the British National Partys RED WHITE & BLUE FESTIVAL 2009 and one of the Covert Teams favourite moments from the weekend.

Given members of the Covert team were present at RWB 2009, it should come as no surprise that their blog enthusiastically promotes the BNP.

In the run-up to the 2009 European Elections, Covert solicited donations for the BNP:

You can still donate to the BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY by texting the word ‘donate’ to 60777

Calls will cost £3.00 and standard network charges will apply. You also get a brilliant video response from the BNP chairman Nick Griffin.

When Griffin won a seat in the European Parliament, this was, for Covert, ‘VICTORY FOR NATIONALISM IN THE UK’, just as Richard Barnbrook’s GLA win had been ‘A Massive Victory For British Nationalism’.

So, the Covert Tactics team attended the BNP’s 2009 festival (and the 2008 RWB as well), encouraged people to donate to the BNP’s European Election fund, and then celebrated the party’s electoral success. Unfortunately for those who try to con voters into thinking the BNP has somehow changed and is ‘no longer racist’, the presence of people like Covert at RWB proves otherwise. It’s not as if they’re not known within the BNP. They’ve attended numerous BNP meetings, some of which they have filmed at, and have ‘many mates‘ in Barnsley BNP.

Despite being loyal supporters of Griffin’s BNP and despite being welcome at the party’s festival, Covert are also more than happy to use their blog to promote blatant racism and neo-Nazism. Groups given positive coverage on the Covert blog have included:

Blood & Honour

As can be seen here, the Covert blog promotes the hardline neo-Nazi Blood & Honour movement, advertising its events, its magazine, and its radio show. Here’s a promotional video Covert put together for Blood & Honour radio, complete with references to ‘niggers’ and ‘Pakis’:

When 800 Blood & Honour thugs descended on a Somerset village in 2008 for a B&H ‘festival’ which included swastika flag waving, ‘sieg heil’ chants, and urinating in residents’ gardens, Covert were angry. Here’s how they chose to express that anger:

As most of you folk know we whole heartedly support WHITE nationalism in its many forms but this weekends Ian Stuart Donaldson Memorial was a fucking disgrace, an insult to the organisers and an insult to the name of ISD.

This is not a direct attack on the many good folk involved with BLOOD & HONOUR and the event itself in theory should have been an example of national socialists having a good time and to fly the swastika with pride, instead we are treat to fat fuckers who can’t hold their beer and quite literally their piss acting no better than pakis or niggers.

The Racial Volunteer Force

The RVF, a Combat 18 splinter group, are total Nazi scum, as can be seen from the photo below, not that that stops Covert supporting their activities.

Leading RVF members have convictions for inciting violence against ethnic minorities and publishing bomb making instructions.

British Freedom Fighters

The British Freedom Fighters are another bunch of openly Nazi morons, whose leader Michael Heaton AKA ‘Wigan Mike’ is currently facing charges of soliciting the murder of Jews. Covert have enthusiastically reported on the sick antics of the BFF and had Heaton as a featured guest in their chat sessions following his arrest with some of his BFF goons who had turned up in Blackpool to support the BNP and proceeded to chant Nazi slogans and give Nazi salutes.

One Covert report on the BFF includes the following photograph:

And this message of support:

Well done to the British Freedom Fighters (BFF) for making the reds jumpy down Brighton way this week.

November 9th Society

The N9S, now the British First Party, are a Hitlerite cult, of whom Covert have written:

As most are aware the N9S have never compromised in over 25 years and they are probably the UK’s most established and well respected National Socialist Party to date and the most active.

A journalist who spent time working undercover in the N9S reported:

During my time with the hate-filled skinheads, there were organised street fights, random violent attacks and paramilitary training camps. Evil leader Kevin Quinn, a father-of-four from Bedford, is serving a nine-month suspended prison sentence after admitting possessing violent Nazi literature.

But the threat of prison didn’t stop him from a verbal attack on a Jew in the street last week, which I witnessed after joining the gang for an afternoon rally in Central London.

As I secretly filmed, the bully, 40, picked out a young passer- by in broad daylight and yelled: “Juden Raus!”, a Nazi slogan meaning “Jew out”. Another party member – dad-of-two Jason Okane, 36, from Hastings, East Sussex – yelled: “A Jew! What shall we do, get the noose?”

The shocked victim crossed the street to avoid a fight. Later unmarried Quinn made it clear he preferred to use violence to enforce his evil message.

He told me: “We need to fight any way we can. I’m all Nazi, a total Nazi. We’ve got to look after ourselves and we need to get people trained up. Now we’ve got the Muslims and the blacks here we need to stop it. Let’s f**ing do it. I’ll fight for Britain forever.”

The Covert Tactics team, then, promote the absolute worst of Britain’s far-right thugs on their blog, at the same time as attending BNP meetings and festivals. Covert don’t just promote neo-Nazis, they’re out-and-out Nazis themselves, as this post demonstrates:

For an insight into the mindset of these BNP festival attendees, consider how they responded to Birmingham BNP activist Sharon Ebanks’ defection from the party. Ebanks had spoken out against interracial marriage and supported the BNP’s whites only membership policy, until it was revealed that her father was in fact black. Ebanks went on to found her own party, the New Nationalist Party (NPP). Here’s how Covert reported the NNP’s demise:

Monkey Business: Sharon Ebanks Gives Up The NNP

England beat France in the Rugby and Sambo is shamed into submission

Half Jamaican mental case Sharon Ebanks has finally sussed out that being half Jamaican and trying to pass herself of as white doesn’t work. After a recent confession in her own words that her father was non-other than negro immigrunt Radwell Ebanks the fat ape realised that even she couldn’t lie her way out of this one thus decided to call it a day as her whole world collapsed around her. There is more news that she was even collaborating with the police as well as with Gerry Gable. Now what will happen to those members and supporters of the NNP? Lets wait and see as more things come to light. Stooooopid coon.

And here’s a graphic that accompanied their report:

Covert, then, are rabid racists who promote neo-Nazism. Their blog is well-known in far-right circles, and they have many friends in the BNP.

Given their obvious Nazism and racial hatred, what on earth is Nick Griffin doing allowing the Covert Tactics writers to attend the BNP’s Red, White & Blue festival?