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Child poverty in Iran and Ahmadinejad’s lies

This is a cross-post from Arash of Observing Iran

This documentary was shot in Khak-sefid district of Tehranpars in Tehran, four years ago.

My translation begins at 0:32 to 2:29.

Majid Mahichi (MM): Is this your home’s garden?
Milad: No, it’s theirs.
MM: Where is this?
Milad: This is their room.
MM: Who’s room?
Milad: Miss Lida’s.
MM: Who’s Miss Lida darling?
Milad: She’s our neighbour
MM: She’s your neighbour, she lives over here?
Milad: Yeah.
MM: Did you give this room to Miss Lida?
Milad: No, they were here first.
MM: They were here first? Is Ms Lida at home right now? Go and check.
Milad: No, they’re in the other room, I don’t think they’re here.
MM: Ah, they’re not here, okay, let’s go into the room. Do you want to show me your toys? What did you say your name was?
Milad: Milad.
MM: Milad, will you show me your toys?
Milad: I don’t have any toys.
MM: You don’t have any toys?
Milad: No.
MM: You have none at all? What about a car? You don’t have a car? Would you like toys? Which toys would you like?
Milad: A gun, a car, a bag.
MM: Okay, what do you want a gun for?
Milad: So I could pretend to be a policeman.
MM: Do you want to be a policeman when you grow up?
Milad: Yeah.
MM: Why do you want to be a policeman?
Milad: So I can lock up addicts.
MM: What was that dear?
Milad: Addicts…
MM: You want to lock up addicts?
Milad: Yeah.
MM: You don’t like addicts?
Milad: No.
MM: Why?
Milad: Well, those who do drugs have to be imprisoned…

Note the squalor that this little boy is being brought up in, the loss of childhood innocence…there is an entire generation of children in Iran who have grown up knowing little but poverty, drugs, prostitution and all manner of other social ills which have plagued Iran.

And Ahmadinejad has the gall to tell us that before the Revolution “95% of Iranians lived in absolute poverty…but now no-one in Iran sleeps hungry at night”. Sickening.