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Carols with Caryl and more

This is a guest post by Jonathan Hoffman

On Tuesday night a group of Jews and Christians protested outside Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church at the PSC’s Carol Service, with Caryl Churchill, author of “Seven Jewish Children”.

The vicar of the Church, Simon Perry, buys into the PSC’s propaganda. He is on record as supporting the event and believes “people here would endorse the PSC”. He supports a boycott of Israeli goods and fails to see anything antisemitic about “Seven Jewish Children”.

Here is what happened outside the church. Listen to what a Jew hater says:

“Everybody in Britain can see what a nasty unpleasant type of people the Jewish people are in England … if you’re living in England and you behave like this, you’re parasites. You should take the part of English people. English people are basically Christian … and you should be abiding to the type of life we live in England…. I’m doing the talking, not you: You cannot discuss with Jewish people … that is your philosophy…You should be part of Britain, it’s a culture Israeli or Jewish people do not understand. You’re not part of my country, and I’m British…. You’re Jewish and you’re prey to the Israeli Zionists … do you know anything about the Christian religion? It’s ‘love thy neighbour’. Have you got anything similar? It’s ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’ … it tells you you’re a cruel and unpleasant people in this respect … not in most respects …. I’ve got friends who are Jews … they are not Zionists…. If you look through history, Jewish people are vindictive and probably evil and probably very unpleasant…. Israeli zealots and Zionists …. Most English people would tell you to f*** off back to Israel … if you’re in England you should be more English than I am… I hope I’m a little bit more educated than you are… To everyone in England, if you’re Jewish please adhere to the English way of life”

Notice also the interview with John Beynon, the Church Secretary (and former Principal of King’s College London).

It was explained to him just why the decision to hold the PSC Carol Service in the Church was so objectionable.

He says:

“When you put it like that, it looks unreasonable, I agree”.

The power of reason.