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A Setback for the Brotherhood in Britain

This is a cross-post from Mutazil of The Spittoon

The struggle against Islamism in this country is a long war, with all that entails. It unfolds in a world of skirmishes, false-starts and minutely shifting power balances.

Every now and then, however, comes a set-piece moment:

“The Trustees of Policy Exchange are delighted to report that Mr Justice Eady yesterday struck out the claim brought against us by the North London Central Mosque.

North London Central Mosque commenced an action against Policy Exchange and Dr Denis MacEoin for libel, following publication of our study “The Hijacking of British Islam” in October 2007.

Six trustees who had advanced the claim on behalf of the North London Central Mosque were ordered to pay Policy Exchange’s costs of defending this action.

The High Court made a further Order that £75,000 of those costs be paid by North London Central Mosque within 28 days.”

Of course, a Hail Mary appeal by the NLCM is not out of the question. Indeed it is likely, given that part of the point of all Islamist legal action is to intimidate and distract regardless of the prospect of success.

But, for now, I look forward to reading the gleeful accounts of this “humiliating climbdown” that will no doubt follow on ‘Liberal Conspiracy’ and its ilk.


Harry’s Place adds: we too have been the target of Islamist lawfare, including an attempt to sue us by Mohammed Sawalha, a trustee (pdf) of the North London Central Mosque and a fugitive Hamas commander. This is welcome news.