Rivers of Blood

This is a cross post by Edmund Standing


BNP Legal Director Lee Barnes has announced that he is writing a new story and has posted a few pages on his blog. He wants to know ‘if you like it or not’.

Here’s an excerpt:

The wolf was thrown onto its back, as a red mist rose from its head and blood splattered across the snow behind it.

He jumped up and reloaded the rifle, casting the blanket from his shoulders and running forwards.

Instead of running from the shot as he had expected the rest of the pack had run towards where it fallen leader lay.

He fired the rifle again and the leading wolf fell, howling with pain as it tried to drag itself away on its belly.

Only two rounds left in the magazine.


He dropped the rifle on the floor and reached for the pistol.

Two more were running at him, one coming from the left the other straight toward him.

He fired once at the wolf on the left that fell onto its front legs and skidded to a halt about ten yards from him.

The other was running toward him and then leaped in the air, its maw wide open and a demonic snarl escaping from its foam flecked lips as it sought to bite his throat.

He fell onto his back in the snow and fired twice into its belly. The bullets threw it back tumbling in the air as an arc of blood sprayed across his face and down his chest.

It then lay on the ground howling in pain and panting until he fired another shot into its face.

You can read the full post in all its gory glory here.

For the record, I think it’s crap, but lots of crap does get published so maybe Barnes has a chance with this…

This isn’t Barnes’s first foray into the world of pulp fiction, as fans of 2008’s three part teaser for a UFO story called ‘Invasion’ will be aware (see parts one, two, and three).

I wonder what Freud would have made of the opening lines of part one:

Mary opened up the draw on her desk and took out the sandwich she had bought earlier from the petrol station down the street, peeled the plastic sheath back and withdrew the sullen sandwich that had been inserted into it. She sniffed it then took a large bite out of it. The taste of cheap cheese and strong onion flooded her mouth, so she took a sip of the terrible coffee and swallowed the mush down.

There’s some great dialogue too:

The man on the other end of the phone immediately shouted down the line “ I am not fucking joking, there are dead bodies in the village everywhere. Something has happened here and I don’t know what. I do not know what has happened, I am just telling you what I have been told “

Her supervisor ran over and pushed a piece of paper over to her, on it he had written ’ No planes are reported missing from the CAA’.

Mary pressed a button on the keyboard and muted the call.

She looked at her supervisor

“ He says a UFO has attacked the village “.

The supervisor looked at her his mouth dropping a little. ” What “ he said with incredulity in his voice.

“ He says a fucking UFO has hit the village “ she said with a raised voice. The face of her supervisor instantly went bright red with anger.

“ Tell the wanker that we are going to report him to the police and get him prosecuted”.

Mary switched the call back to a live feed.

“ Sir, I have to warn you that making prank calls to the emergency services is a serious criminal offence. We have a record of your phone number and we will be reporting you to the police”.

The man shouted back down the line “ Listen to me you fucking idiot, the village is destroyed, there are dead bodies everywhere now get … “.

Mary cut the phone off and sat back in her chair. She removed the headset and reached up with her right hand and began to massage the back of her neck to ease the tension that had cramped it and the headache that was just beginning.

Her supervisor walked away shaking his head “ Fucking arsehole “ he muttered to himself as he walked back to his desk.

Onward to literary stardom!