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BNP Legal Director: Still loyal to Griffin, fantasising about getting arrested

This is cross-posted from Edmund Standing’s blog

Over at Norfolk Unity, Atreus writes:

The braindead element (about 95% of the BNP membership) didn’t need much persuading that Nick had delivered the performance of a lifetime [on Question Time] in hostile territory and that consequently the BNP is on course to gain three thousand MPs at the next general election on 200% of the vote. Anybody thinking different was obviously a Marxist troublemaker, and having a bit of a downer on Marxist troublemakers Simon Bennett cut any comments even mildly hinting at the awful truth as soon as they appeared on the BNP website.

Now it seems Lee Barnes, BNP Legal Director, has effectivly confirmed the 95% braindead notion. He writes:

Well the fact is that I have never said that we need a new leader.

We dont need one as the ONLY person in the BNP who can do the job is Nick Griffin.

So, the only person capable of leading the BNP, according to Barnes, is a man with a race hate conviction, a history of connections to extremists and neo-Nazis, and a penchant for Holocaust denial. Wow. What a ‘party’ the BNP really is!

It also seems like legal eagle Barnes might be advocating a return to the ‘good old days’ before Griffin banned BNP thugs from using the ‘Red Watch’ site to intimidate anyone who dared speak out against them:

In all revolutionary struggles the enemy must be identified and exposed.

The next time some journalist on The Guardian writes a story outing one of our people or putting the stolen BNP list online, then we find out where that journalist lives and put their home address online.

At the same time we find out who owns and runs the Guardian and do the same thing to them.

We know what to do.

I’m sure you do.

Barnes also advocates the idea that BNP members should engage in trespass and hold illegal ‘protests’:

Sure we will get arrested.

But whoever said victory can be gained without a cost.

This a struggle for the survival of our people, our nation and our culture.

The idea that we can win without paying a price is the ultimate fantasy.

Says a man whose entire worldview is based on fantasy.

I can’t wait for our budding national revolutionary/legal director/mystic to get himself and his BNP pals arrested though, while ‘having a tea party’ on Viscount Rothermere’s lawn ‘with a load of banners and placards’ (yes, that’s the plan!).


Barnes better hope the Judge in his case will see the funny side and things won’t go the way they did at this tribunal.

What did the Judgment say again? Oh yes…

I am unimpressed … The claim was doomed to failure from the start … It had no reasonable prospect of success…