More Hezbollox in London

Another celebration of Hezbollah in London is scheduled for 9 July:

IUPFP-UK organises:

Exploring the achievements of resistance and discussing shifts in US foreign policy
6pm, Thursday July 9th
Friend Meeting House, Euston

HIZBULLAH REPRESENTATIVE (video link from Lebanon)


DR AZZAM TAMIMI (on Palestine)

NADINE ROSA-ROSSO (from, on the role of the anti-imperialist movements in the West)

DYAB ABOU JAHJAH (IUPFP International Director, video link from Lebanon)

JOHN REES (from Stop the War, on the role of the anti-war movement)

Chair: Sukant Chandan (Chairman of the British section of the IUPFP)

The purpose of the meeting is to gather more British support for terrorist groups:

It will not be of any surprise to anyone in the movement in Britain to hear at meetings and in the propaganda of the anti-war and Palestine solidarity movement people talking of the right to resistance. But what the British branch of the IUPFP would like to do is go even beyond this, from the right to resistance to what the achievements of resistance have been. Some may argue that this discussion should have started some years ago, at least since the outbreak of the Second/Al-Aqsa Intifada in 2000. Better late than never as the saying goes, but no-one can anymore ignore that resistance and the crumbling economic, moral, and political authority and hegemony over the world is disintegrating before our eyes. It is hardly controversial to state that the resistance in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and other places have contributed to the conditions which have resulted in the decay and soon coming end of US hegemony.

The IUPFP British branch would like to take an initiative and hold a meeting with experts in this field, to raise these issues and to make them a part of the mainstream anti-war and solidarity movement.

I wonder, if it is true that Friends House will host this meeting, how exactly this position can be squared with the venue’s lettings policy:

A booking may be refused if:

* The aims and policies of the organisation or individual are in serious conflict with Quaker beliefs. Written details of the aims or policies of new groups wishing to hold meetings in Friends house are normally requested

*Violence or the encouragement of violence at a meeting may reasonably be anticipated

Anyway, on to three of the characters involved. Azzam “Kaboom” Tamimi needs no introduction here, I suppose. Here’s a crash course for any new readers:

Dyab Abou Jahjah, a man who has been denied entry to the UK (hence the need for a video link for his speech), has also been covered on this blog.

Here, from his blog, are some of Jahjah’s takes on Iran. Naturally he supports the thugs:

The middle class can mobilize millions in Teheran and elsewhere, is better organized, more determined and well supported inside and outside Iran. You can be sure that already CIA operatives are trying to create an alternative leadership on the ground to sideline any compromise that Musavi might be tempted to have with Nejad. Because of this, it is good in my opinion that Basij no matter how thuggish they are indeed, do side with Nejad. They will be needed to show a fist to the the CIA supported neo-liberal middle classers who only see in Musavi a version of Gorbatshev that will be dumpt later for some kind of Yeltsin coming from their midst.

I think the correct way to position ourselves on this is to identify the interest of Imperialism( USA and Europe) and to stand on the other side. I think things are clear that way. And if you want to side with the majority of oppressed Iranians then you also know where to stand. in Both logics Nejad is the progressive element…….. what I meant ….. is that the majority of the oppressed Iranians are those who are oppressed by poverty and the world structure of imperialism and they voted for Nejad. What about sympathizing with those?

……. we cannot afford to have a new pro-western Iran. Conceding to this velvet revolution will mean exactly that on the long run. It will strengthen imperialism and imperialism is killing us while for you guys it is just an analytical concept you attack while living within its comfortable system in the imperialist center itself. For me if Iran falls to these yuppies bombs will be falling on my head and the heads of my family in Lebanon and the resistance defending us will have less money and arms to do so. I don’t care about Marxist dogma and less about Leninist praxis and I care even less about the dynamics of the yuppies-international that will sympathize with fellow yuppies and ipoders and twitters and bloggers regardless. Ahmadi Nejad is a man of the resistance and even if he would stand alone i will prefer him any time above the yuppies and their cheer leaders.

Ain’t he lovely?

Sukant Chandan, who used to work for “Conflicts Forum”, a port in a storm for strange pro-Islamist spooky types, is the organiser of the meeting.

He has an entertaining blog called “Sons of Malcolm”. This is from his take on Iran. Students murdered? The victims and their mourners should share the blame:

You mention the brutal repression, but don’t mention the context in which they have taken place. I would put this repression into context of the provocations of some of the students who wanted to burn down the Basij base. It’s tragic and sad, but not surprising that those who want to burn down the building of the revolutionary guards, then see the guards hitting back, it has to be said AFTER they were besieged. Who were these students? What is the sense in these provocations? Tragic deaths are the result, and a deepening of the sense of confrontation, which I don’t think is to anyone’s advantage in Iran.
Students are mainstays of the banned opposition movements, and there has been a long history of student based anti-regime elements, and the regime clamping down on them. It’s been terrible that students have been attacked on their campuses and some reportedly killed, but we have to also put some responsibility at least on those students who are out to overthrow the regime, which results in the regime coming down hard on some students.

What about holocaust denial? It’s a mere “detail” and not “strategic”:

On the other hand we have Mousavi and his camp, whose slogan is ‘Iran first’, which is a veiled attack on the anti-imperialist militancy of Nejad. Yes, we have problems with Nejad’s comments on certain things, esp the holocaust, but this is a detail and not a strategic problem with Nejad. It is rumoured that Mousavi might lessen support for the Palestinian Revolution and Hizbullah; I am not so sure about this, but one thing is clear: the West know who their preferred candidate is, and I don’t need to say that the West are fundamental to the problems of the region, and their friends are not ours.

These are the racist thug politics the “Stop the War Coalition” backs.

It should be treated no better than the BNP.