George Galloway: Troofer

Here is some George Galloway news that will surprise nobody at all:

George Galloway MP had a New Yorker called Tom Kiley on his Talksport radio show friday and saturday night talking about 9/11 and with particular focus on the destruction of the Twin Towers and World Trade Centre Building 7.

George Galloway opens the first show explaining that he still holds Islamic extremists responsible but a recent chance meeting with Tom in New York has planted seeds of doubt in his mind.

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Soon into the second show George Galloway admits “it’s hard to see scientifically why both of the Towers fell down in the way that they did and it’s practically impossible for me to see how Building 7 could have fallen in the way it did”

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Galloway added:

“It-but it-it … doesn’t make any sense. He drove past the book depository and the police said conclusively that it was an exit wound. So-how is it possible for Oswald to have fired from two angles at once? It doesn’t make sense. 

I’ll tell you this! He was not marksman enough to hit a moving target at that range. But … if there was a second assassin … it- That’s it!”

Galloway will shortly prove that man has never walked on the moon.

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