Galloway Latest

It has been reported that George Galloway is now collaborating with the ruling party of Egypt despite his call in January for the Arab country’s army to overthrow President Mubarak.

This news hasn’t gone down with the legendary ‘Arab Street’:

The “red carpet” welcome, planned by Egyptian activists and opposition parliamentarians, to receive George Galloway’s “Viva Palestine” caravan, has been canceled. The activists learned tonight that Mr. Galloway has made arrangements with Mubarak’s NDP, and will be received by Ahmad Ezz, steel industry monopolist, senior NDP henchman, and the target of several anti-corruption campaigns.. After calling on the Egyptian army to overthrow Mubarak in January, Galloway the political clown and maverick is now more than happy to hug and embrace the worst elements of this Mubarak dictatorship…

George Galloway? A hypocrite? Surely not….