Bosnia: a birthplace

Bosnia is seen by some as the birthplace of Blair’s commitment to liberal interventionism. There is another side to the story, which few picked up on at the time, and which has been largely ignored since. The formative role the Bosnian conflict had on jihadists. Tonight was the second part of Alan Little’s Sunday Supplement “I was put on trial by Al Qaeda” story on The Westminster Hour on the BBC’s Radio 4. Both parts can be listened to here. Well worth a listen.

During the conflict large numbers of foreign Muslim men arrived in Bosnia.

At first information about them was hard to come by until one day Allan Little and his camera crew found them by accident as he explains in part one.

In part two, Allan tells us more about what he learnt about the group of men who came to Bosnia seeking martyrdoom.

He begins by describing an incident which may have been the first example of British troops exchanging fire with the jihadists.