Do Something!

Will You Defend Jews?

Many of are increasingly frightened by the growing respectability of jihadist terrorists and anti-semites.

Relationships are being forged between academics, policy makers, and Islamist supporters of genocide. The rationale underpinning these contacts is that if we treat these extremists as moderates, and meet their demands, then they will become allies in the fight against Al Qaeda. In practice, that has meant ignoring and ‘contextualising’ the most atrocious anti-semitism, that is the stock in trade of Islamism. 

Strange to tell, but in some quarters, it is more acceptable to be an anti-semite, than to point out anti-semitism in others. 

On 23-29 March 2009, the School of Oriental and African Studies is holding a conference on Political Islam. The conference, which costs  £1,890, has been ‘convened’ by Dr Khaled Hroub and Dr Sarah Stewart. Khaled Hroub is an academic at Cambridge who refuses to call suicide bombers ‘terrorists’. 

There is value in the academic study of Islamism. This conference should certainly take place. However it should not take place without a non-disruptive protest. This is why. 

There are two speakers at this conference whose participation should be marked by some action that ensures that attendees are fully aware of the obnoxious nature of their politics. 

The first is  Dr Ibrahim Moussaoui, a Hezbollah spokesman who was Head of the foreign department at Al-Manar TV, the official media outlet of Hizbullah in Lebanon.

The second is Dr Kamal Helbawy, the senior Muslim Brotherhood officer in the United Kingdom, who now operates from his own Muslim Brotherhood front organisation, which he calls the “Centre for the Study of Terrorism”.

Dr Ibrahim Moussaoui

First of all, Moussaoui must be banned from entering the United Kingdom. It is absurd that a spokesman for a genocidal terrorist organisation should be allowed to enter the United Kingdom freely, while an unpleasant right wing European politician is banned. 

Al Manar broadcast the anti-semitic lie that Jews were pre-warned of the 9/11 attacks and escaped death. 

You thought that Fitna was bad?

Al Manar’s stock in trade is anti-semitic propaganda. Here is “Diaspora”, a dramatisation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, that was first broadcast on Al Manar TV.

Watch this clip.


Don’t watch this clip, if you object to seeing Jews bleeding children, to incorporate their blood into Passover matzohs.

Moussoui will, no doubt, have a useful contribution to make to this conference. He can do it by video link. 

Write to your MP and to Jacqui Smith and ask the Home Secretary to ban Moussaoui from entering the United Kingdom

Dr Kamal Helbawy

Here is Helbawy (or Helbawi, or Al-Hilbawi) debating the liberal Dr. Nabil Yassin, on the ethics of targeting civilians and children, on the BBC Arabic TV

Dr. Kamal Al-Hilbawi: “I condemn the targeting of any civilian, but incidentally, I believe that every Israeli civilian is a future soldier.”

Interviewer: “He is what?”

Dr. Kamal Al-Hilbawi: “A future soldier.”

Interviewer: “Even if he is two years old?”

Dr. Kamal Al-Hilbawi: “Even if he is a child.

Got that? Helbawy opposes the targeting of civilians. But Israeli kids? Future soldiers!

It is valuable to hear what supporters of terrorism believe.  This conference is a great opportunity to put these men on the spot. But they should not do so unopposed, or with honour. 

So, what can be done?

I am just one man. This is just a blog. But I believe that many of us are angered by genocidal antisemitism, and horrified at how little is done to stand up against it.

Is there anybody out there who would be prepared to stand outside the conference, in silent protest at these revolting and extreme men? Would any of you pass out leaflets to attendees, so that they are at least informed what these men believe, and what their organisations have done? 

Will you pass this message to your friends and colleagues? Will you lobby anti-racist organisations to take action?

Will you defend Jews?