Dogs can enter. Jews and Armenians cannot enter

Here are some protesters at an anti-Israel rally in Eskişehir, Turkey.


Makes a nice change from No Dogs, No Blacks, No Irish, doesn’t it?

The story is here and here, but unfortunately only in Turkish.

Here is a comment about it on an internet notice board.

Fascist,intolerant brainwashed wackos and their meaningless ignorancy and hatred at its best..Once again.

I found this article in Turkish Radikal and as a Turk i felt awful about it.These filthy artards attitude against Armenians and Jews disgust even Patriotic Turks like me.

Shame on them.

As for the article,it talks about an association in Turkish city of Eskisehir and it’s president saying Jews and Armenians cannot enter but dogs can,supposedly,he means to call them dogs.

Cute dog though!

(Hat tip AA)