At the Israeli Embassy Last Night…

The pro-Hamas demonstrators were opposed last night at the Israeli Embassy.



Photos (c) Adrian Korsner, Sound Images Photography

The pro-Hamas demonstrators threw eggs. The police found some of those demonstrators had brought knives and bricks. High Street Kensington Tube was closed, as a result of the disorder.

This is what the Trotskyite-Hamas alliance is planning for future demonstrations:

Think of 100,000 descending on one building. If they decide to go inside the police will need extra forces. There are only, roughly 30,000 officers in London.

That’s why they’re panicking. Good.

you only need to get within throwing distance

It is vital that Hamas keeps up the fight until the Israelis are forced to end the action. On no account must they accept a ceasefire on Israel’s terms.

Just got this:

Can everyone who is coming to the protest in London on 10th Jan please bring balloons filled with RED paint/dye/powder so we can paint the israeli embassy in red. This is just another stunt like the shoes that were thrown last saturday, we will fly red balloons to outline the bloodshed.


Some comments:

Keep rioting!!!
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