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BNP tries to reach kids, but reaches Nazis instead

Edmund Standing of I Kid You Not lifts the lid on the sewer of the internet and discovers that…

The BNP is currently boasting about the success of its latest twisted initiative – an attempt to poison the minds of children using YouTube videos featuring a character called ‘Billy Brit’.

According to the BNP website:

The Young BNP’s ‘Billy Brit’ video channel on YouTube has proven to be yet another highly successful initiative in engaging with young people, reports Mike Howson, national youth co-ordinator.

“In particular, the latest Billy Brit video, called ‘The Reds Smell’, has proven to be very popular,” Mr Howson said. “By using music and humour, we are able to deliver a powerful message which finds resonance with all those amused at the Communist rabble who oppose the BNP.”

A look at the ‘Billy Brit’ channel on YouTube turns up some interesting information.

For those not in the know, YouTube functions in a similar way to many popular ‘social networking’ websites. With a YouTube account, you can upload videos, add others’ videos to a ‘favourites’ list, add other users as ‘friends’, and subscribe to other users’ videos. In turn, other users can subscribe to your videos.

At the time of writing, ‘Billy Brit’ has 10 friends and 17 subscribers. We’ll start with the ‘friends’, as these were either requested by ‘Billy Brit’ or requested to be added and were accepted.

Billy Brit friend: StormOverEurope14

StormOverEurope14‘ is one of Billy Brit’s ‘friends’. His or her YouTube page is decorated with a BNP background image and informs us that ‘The British National Party exists to secure a future for the indigenous peoples of these islands in the North Atlantic which have been our homeland for millennia’. After further BNP waffle, visitors are encouraged to join the BNP online and information about membership fees is provided.

Amongst StormOverEurope14’s friends we find a number of BNP members’ accounts, including ‘britishboy7‘ (of whom, more later), as well as users called ‘WarriorLadyPride‘ and ‘WhiteVenom88‘.

‘WarriorLadyPride’ describes herself as an ‘Aryan Warrior’ and lists various Nazi ‘artists’ in her musical interests section: Brutal Attack, Blackout, Saga, and Prussian Blue.

And here is a screen shot from WhiteVenom88’s page:

Billy Brit friend: christmasisgr8

christmasisgr8‘ is also one of Billy Brit’s friends. This festive user has uploaded a video of Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’. A bit of innocent nostalgia? – Maybe not.

It turns out ‘christmasisgr8’ subscribes to YouTube channels such as that of the David Lane loving ‘Aryan Warrior’ ‘14WhiteLady88‘, and the charming ‘14spanner88‘:

So these are the kind of people associated with ‘friends’ of the BNP’s Billy Brit.

Now let’s have a look at some of the people who have subscribed to the Billy Brit channel, presumably because they are ‘amused at the Communist rabble who oppose the BNP’.

Billy Brit subscriber: HowlingWolves14

HowlingWolves14‘ turns out to one of the weirdos behind the openly neo-Nazi and BNP promoting Covert Undercover Nuisance Tactics blog and in one of his videos identifies himself as a BNP voter. Another of his uploaded videos is an advert for Blood & Honour Radio.

This disgusting Nazi video – uploaded by a BNP voter and supporter – talks about ‘the Aryan race’, refers to ethnic minorities as ‘niggers and Pakis’, claims ethnic minorities and gays are ‘sub-human’, and talks about ‘Paki fuckers’.

Given this, it’s no great surprise to find a message on HowlingWolves14’s page which asks: ‘can any1 help me , i jus turned 18, and whant to join c18 or simular’ (sic).

Billy Brit subscriber: loyallands

‘loyallands’ is a proud member of the BNP. On his YouTube page he provides the Liverpool BNP postal address and information on how to join the Party online. Videos recently added to his ‘log’ include Nick Griffin’s Christmas message and footage from the BNP’s propaganda day in Liverpool city centre.

Among loyalland’s friends we find a number of BNP supporting accounts such as that of ‘britishboy7’ and ‘peterBNP‘. We also find ‘0Britnproud0‘.

‘0Britnproud0’ is happy to support all 3 British Fascist parties, and his numerous video uploads include ‘Final Solution’, ‘Race War’, ‘We are C18’, songs by ‘The Klansmen’, a tribute to Rudolf Hess, and videos featuring images of Adolf Hitler.

Here’s a screen shot from his page:

According to ‘0Britnproud0’:


And this is a YouTube user that a BNP member has chosen as a ‘friend’.

Some of loyalland’s other friends are real charmers too. ‘peterBNP’, of Liverpool BNP branch, for example, counts among his friends ‘headhunter500‘ – a BNP supporter who describes his occupation as ‘Muslim Killer’ – as well as the aforementioned ‘StormOverEurope14’ and ‘liltocrazy4u‘, whose favourite videos include ‘Germany soldiers of the Third Reich’ and ‘Celebrating Hitler’:

Adolf Hitler, the greatest orator of the modern age, a man of destiny, a man of greatness. His spirit shall live on through us, the faithful the protagonists. We love you Adolf, & we shall march on in your memory… You were too good for this world, may we meet you in the next.

Another popular BNP member: britishboy7

britishboy7‘ turns up on the friends list of ‘loyallands’, as well as that of ‘StormOverEurope14′ and numerous other BNP members and supporters.

On his YouTube page, ‘britishboy7’ declares that he ‘hate[s] muslims’ and that he is ‘an english knight’. According to him, Muslims ‘rape,pilage and murder white and non believers. Aswell as grooming young white,black,shiek,hindu and even budist girls for sex and get them hooked on drugs’ (sic). He believes ‘Its time we got some sence and inteligance back into our sociaty’ (sic), and how might we do this? By joining the BNP of course!

‘britishboy7’ declares: ‘IM A PROUD SUPPORTER AND FUND RAISER OF THE BNP. The one and only party for me will always be the BNP’.

This proud supporter of the BNP subscribes to a lot of YouTube channels, including ones dedicated to ‘lesbian kissing‘, ‘lesbian foot worship‘, ‘foot worship‘, and even gay male ‘sock worship‘. Presumably this is all strictly for ‘research purposes’.

As a good BNP fund raiser, ‘britishboy7’ subscribes to ‘political’ channels on YouTube as well.

There’s this one, for example:

And this one‘s also pretty self-explanatory:


Billy Brit: ‘yet another highly successful initiative in engaging with young people’.

The BNP wants children to watch pathetic propaganda videos featuring a ‘nationalist’ puppet. Looking at the kind of people befriending and subscribing to the ‘Billy Brit’ channel, we find that any children viewing the videos are only 2 or 3 clicks away from hardcore neo-Nazis, often openly flaunting their support of or membership of the BNP, while at the same time subscribing to Hitlerean video channels run by Blood & Honour and Combat 18 thugs.

The internet is seen by the BNP as providing a great opportunity to promote themselves as a ‘real’ political party, a party for the average Joe, as opposed to a party for sociopathic Nazi fantasists. In recent years, the party has achieved successes in local elections that it previously only dreamed of, and now it has its sights on getting a BNP MEP. A worrying number of disillusioned white Britons are starting to swallow the line that the BNP has ‘changed’ and that the Nazi and Fascist links are all in the past. A look at the YouTube accounts of many BNP supporters quickly makes a mockery (yet again) of this claim. If we want to halt the growth of the BNP we need to keep highlighting these facts and getting the information out there.