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Obama and the Jews (continued)

Endorsements from Deborah Lipstadt, Alan Dershowitz and an Orthodox Jewish mother who lived in Israel:

I like Dershowitz’s final point:

As I travel around university campuses both in the United States and abroad, I see radical academics trying to present Israel as the darling of the right and anathema to the left. As a liberal supporter of Israel, I try to combat that false image. Nothing could help more in this important effort to shore up liberal support for Israel than the election of a liberal president who strongly supports Israel and who is admired by liberals throughout the world. That is among the important reasons why I support Barack Obama for president.

(Hat tip: Adam Holland)

Update: Notice the Jewish star drawn on the head of the effigy displayed by a racist Obama hater in Ohio who believes only white Christians should run for president. A reminder that Jews, African-Americans and Muslims are– whether they like it or not– all in it together when it comes to some people.

Will anyone from the McCain-Palin campaign ask him to remove their sign? Or are they too far beyond that point now?

(Via Andrew Sullivan.)