Dress Down Friday

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

Most of the Google keywords by which readers find their way to Harry’s Place are unsurprising. The simple, elegant, old-skool “harry’s place” takes the top spot.

But what sort of person was searching for these?

  • andrew muray north korea
  • “james panton” rcp
  • simon jenkins idiot
  • depressing songs
  • julie burchill, morrissey
  • every evil in the world, the zionists are behind it.
  • “harry’s place” crucifix brett
  • rape stories xxx
  • darcus howe joan rivers
  • bob pitt compendium
  • rod liddle arsehole
  • dangers of masturbation
  • eloquent insults
  • fuck off
  • martin clunes advent taj mahal of hope
  • david lindsay, sock puppet
  • martin miller david lindsay
  • page 7 fella
  • richard farnos
  • huw edwards gay
  • “leon trotsky was a nazi”

Go on. Own up.