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John Pilger on the US election

Obama? McCain? It hardly matters. They are both in thrall to their corporate and military masters, as was Robert Kennedy 40 years ago.

In other words, Pilger has not a single surprising or interesting thing to say.

I suspect a thorough review of the piece would reveal other factual inaccuracies, but here’s one I noticed: Pilger asserts that Eugene McCarthy won the 1968 New Hampshire Democratic primary against Lyndon Johnson. In fact Johnson beat McCarthy in that primary, but withdrew from the race shortly thereafter because of the closeness of the result.

Not the first time Pilger’s mastery of facts has failed him– although on a previous occasion the failure was far more egregious. That appeared in The New Statesman too. You’d think that after that embarrassment, they would have subjected Pilger’s work to more scrupulous fact-checking.

Never mind: his interpretation of the facts he does get right is bad enough. And Obama’s AIPAC speech is sure to contribute to his apparent anguish. Good.