What-ho Stoner, old chap!

Sssh! Ken Livingstone has more in common with Gussy Finknottle than newts.

A little bird tells Harry’s Place that Ken Livingstone was a member of the Young Conservatives in Streatham in the 1960s. Sir Christopher Gent, Vodafone Tzar and a former National Chairman of the Young Conservatives, apparently remembers him well. Strange that this memory is only surfacing now. Though, to be fair, it may well be a memory one could be forgiven for supressing beyond the reaches of all but the best hypnotists.

I must say, I find this hard to swallow. It surely can’t be true! (Though, the one’s mind can’t help drifting towards thoughts of strike-breaking and hobnobbing with Qatar’s answer to Norman Tebbitt… and then the Indymedia kids seem to hate him for evicting Brian Haw and his squatters and championing Crossrail and other “big business” schemes….

And of course, Kenny drops the party pretty smartly when it doesn’t get behind the his Party of One.

A cynic might quip that, whatever happens, London will be saddled with a Tory. Of course, I’m sure his party allegiances have changed in the intervening years (they do tend to change as convenience demands), but Ken himself seems to believe that reporters who work for The Evening Standard (didn’t he once?) are Nazi-like by association because the paper is in the same stable as The Mail, which he says supportered the Nazis in the 1930s.

What would Ken’s wierd and nasty minions have made of this information had say, Brian Paddick, been a former member of the Tory Youth?

I wonder!

Should any passing former member who happens upon this site remember Ken from the 1960s Streatham group, don’t be shy – share your memories! Tell us! Is it true?

The saying goes “If you are not a socialist at 20, you have no heart, if you are one at 40, you have no brain”.