“We Are Wacos”

There is a small group of Stoppers* and 9-11 ‘Truthers’ known as ‘We Are Change’ (WAC) who some of you may have seen in recent You Tube confrontation with Nick Cohen.

On Wednesday, the WACOs were in action again – choosing to make Alastair Campbell’s attendance at a football match a chance for protest. How contemporary – a protest against the man who used to be the press officer to the man who used to be the Prime Minister.

The match was at Loftus Road, London and it was Queens Park Rangers up against Campbell’s Burnley and with the home side 2-0 up, two WACOs decided to invade the pitch and make their protest.

And what a charming protest it was, as the video below shows, they unveiled a banner declaring ‘Campbell Causes Leukemia’. Campbell of course is a major fundraiser for Leukemia research and his best friend and his best friend’s daughter died of the disease.

Nice touch eh? Whatever the actual ’cause’ of the WACOs you have to wonder how it was helped by disrupting a football match to make a tasteless personal attack such as that?

Campbell has thick skin but the incident goes to prove what John Rentoul in the Independent calls the “Stoppers’ irrational hatred” and “psychology impervious to argument and steeped in negatives.”

There was a happy ending to the story though – at least one of the WACOs was a QPR fan and after he was escorted from the stadium (he could face a lengthy ban from the venue) his team fell to pieces.

Rangers were 2-0 up before the protest….

Then Burnley’s Andy “Andrew” Cole, rolled back the years, striking a hattrick as the Clarets romped to a 4-2 victory which moves them within a point of the Play Offs……