Israel “Anti-Apartheid” Week

There’s a good article up at CiF on the so-called Israel “Anti-Apartheid” Week by Andre Oboler:

Anti-apartheid campaigning against South Africa aimed to grant self-determination to the black people of South Africa. This anti-apartheid week campaign against Israel aimed to deny the Jewish people their right to self-determination. This is human rights activism that has lost its moral compass. The oppressed people in South Africa did not have a path to self-determination and lacked political rights. By contrast, Palestinians who are Israeli citizens (ie, Arab Israelis) vote in elections and have a number of parties with members in the Israeli parliament. Palestinians who are not Israeli citizens (ie, those living in Palestinian Authority-controlled areas) also have political rights, but they vote in Palestinian elections. The two parties have a diplomatic process, which is leading to the creation of a Palestinian state.

This new anti-apartheid week does not seek to enhance this political process. Rather, it focuses exclusively on undermining the human rights of one of the parties – and doing so under a false flag of human rights.

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