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Yet Another Post About MPACuk

Yeah, I know we’ve had three in the last couple of days. And yes, (almost) none of us are surprised any more to find extreme far right views pushed by this nasty bunch.

But until habibi posted the links I’d not seen this video of Zulfi Bukhari, Asghar’s brother and co-founder of MPACUK on the subject of Abu Izzudeen’s arrest:

The presenter starts by noting that MPACuk “encourages young muslims to get involved in politics”. Bukhari then is asked for his reaction to Abu Izzudeen’s arrest. Here’s his response:

Well a bit of depression really. We did expect…everybody expects the Muslim community to be under a bit of a spotlight. But Abu Izzadeen isn’t really an extremist. He’s radical, he’s got a loud mouth, he’s got some obnoxious opinions. But is he really an extremist? Very few people would go that far. Does he incite people to hate or to kill? Very few Muslims would actually accept that from him. He isn’t popular, he hasn’t got a big following. So to have him arrested a few days after or a day after people were released without charge – it doesn’t go down well in the Muslim community

Of course, Bukhari doesn’t believe that Izzudeen is an “extremist” because he doesn’t really think these views are extreme:

The argument, I understand, is that MPACuk is doing the valuable job involving young muslims in politics: the “political jihad”, as they call it. What they actually do is propagate an utterly extreme and hysterically false view of the position of muslims in Britain. Theirs is a world in which Abu Izzudeen is a moderate and a prisoner of conscience.

And this is the organisation which “lenin” addressed on Sunday.