From the MPAC archives

All right. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that– in the year 2000, when he contributed to David Irving’s defense fund and urged others to do the same– Muslim Public Affairs Committee founder Asghar Bukhari was the only sentient being on the planet who had no idea Irving was an antisemitic Holocaust denier.

Let’s then fast-forward to the year 2004 and take a look at what was appearing on MPAC’s website:

mpacuk blame.JPG

Michael Neumann, a contributor to the antisemitic Counterpunch website, writes frequently about excessive “Jewish power” in the United States.

The cartoon seems to depict a stereotyped big-nosed media-controlling Jew vomiting propaganda into the living rooms of unsuspecting TV watchers. Or perhaps it’s intended as a warning that sticking your head through a TV set can make you sick. One or the other, I’m sure.

The poster “unseen” at the message board provides some other choice examples of blatant Jew-hatred on the MPAC website from around the same time.

For whatever reason, these items are no longer accessible from the MPAC website (although they are still cached at And I suppose it’s possible that Asghar Bukhari has had a genuine epiphany in more recent years and now shudders in horror at these and other ideas that MPAC used to promote. But until he specifically apologizes for them, I’ll have to believe otherwise.

I can only assume that, as any good socialist would, Richard “lenin” Seymour used the opportunity of his appearance at an MPAC-sponsored meeting to take the organization to task for these outrages. Has anyone got a transcript so we can make sure?