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CiF: Mossad Wrote the Protocols

Here’s a CIF article by Neve Gordon, in which he argues that Israel must start to negotiate with Hamas: a small armed faction which has the support of only 15% of Palestinians, 77% of whom are anxious for the early elections which will enable them to throw them out.

But what makes this thread particularly good fun are the comments which follow it, and which has now degenerated into a discussion of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Timetomoveon opines:

“The Protocols of Zion seem to have emerged from a group of Russians stationed in Paris in Tsarist times one or more of whom were Jews. Shin Bet is also thought to have supported Hamas in the 1980s, the same period from which militant Hamas emerged as we know it today along with the Hamas Charter. Creating these documents would be an ideal propaganda win for Zionists and it’s not inconceivable that they participated. If they didn’t they missed a trick.”

Other posters chime in:

Does it really matter that The Protocols of Zion are fake or not?
The fact is, is that they are spot on! (ernstjung)

[I]t is true I have argued that the equivalent of MOSSAD could have done the PROTOCOLS as black propaganda (Berchmans)

We also get this:

“One remarkable occurrence in Israel’s treatment of the Gaza Arabs is the daily killing of about half a dozen of them by Israel. It has become a ritual and reminds one of the daily human sacrifices practiced by the Aztecs. One is also reminded of the preventive culling of potentially restless helots by their Spartan masters.” (Rimas)

Just another day at Comment is Free.