British Muslim Initiative Backtracks

A few days ago, we pointed out to the clerical fascist Muslim Brotherhood front group, the “British Muslim Initiative” that it is unlawful for charities to endorse particular political candidates.

The BMI/Muslim Brotherhood have clearly taken legal advice and been informed that, by backing Ken Livingstone, those members of the coalition that are charities have broken the law.

In our original post, Jonathan Hoffman wrote:

If the Charities Commission investigates, the 16 signatories below may claim that they signed ‘in a personal capacity’ and that their endorsement of Livingstone should not be construed as reflecting the Charities in whose name they have signed. Well that’s not good enough. Nowhere in the letter does the phrase ‘in a personal capacity’ appear. And if they are not committing their Charities, why mention them at all? Did the other Trustees agree to the political endorsement?

The clerical fascists of the BMI/Muslim Brotherhood have responded, as follows:

In response to a comment posted on the right-wing neo-con supporting Harry’s Place website, the British Muslim Initiative would like to confirm that the signatories to the statement supporting Ken Livingstone’s bid for a third term as Mayor of London and who are identified as heads or trustees of charitable organisations have signed merely in their personal individual capacities and have not and will not be involving their organisations, which are in any case prohibited from involvement in political activity as is well known.

The mention of individuals’ titles is for the sole purpose of identifying the signatories and the posts they hold. This is wholly in accordance with charity law, which fully entitles members of charitable organisations to support candidates in a personal capacity.

Yes, how unfortunate that they didn’t think of this before they published the letter. Because now it looks as if they’re making up excuses, after the event, for having broken the law.

Still, it is a useful list.

Now we know which individuals and organisations are aligned with, allied with, or front for the clerical fascist Muslim Brotherhood.


A commentator notes:

Their response contradicts their own decleration which speaks about organisations:

“The British Muslim Initiative is pleased to announce that in an unprecedented step, a document supporting the re-election of Ken Livingstone as Mayor of London in May this year, has been signed by more than sixty main Muslim organisations and figureheads who represent the overwhelming majority of Muslims in London.”

A bit more tweaking to do, BMI!