Only in Islington….

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I have not been this excited by skiing since Eddie Edwards. Suggestions for other metropolitan winter sports welcome, as are volunteers to join me in the four-man bob on the DLR (via Canary Wharf) challenge.

Police have called the skier’s actions “reckless” (Proving at least, that the spirit of Sherlock Holmes is alive and well.)

In further tube-related news,
Bob Kiley , who stepped down as London’s transport commissioner last year, told the London Evening Standard that he is now an alcoholic who drinks vodka in the afternoons.

Under a deal signed by Mayor Ken Livingstone Mr Kiley received a £2m payoff, lives rent free in a £2.3m Belgravia townhouse and receives £3,200 a day for up to 90 days “consultancy work” each year.

Nice work if you can get it.