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Blair’s heavyweight ‘was Brown’ – maybe

It’s official (sort of) in case anyone had been left wondering. The “secret” heavyweight with “big clunking fists” referred to by Tony Blair, in yesterday’s Queen’s Speech exchanges in the Commons, is Brown. At least someone seems to think so.

Labour Party chairman Hazel Blears told the BBC that Blair was talking about Brown. It’s just the PM doesn’t agree.

According to Blears: “He was talking about the Chancellor of the Exchequer.”

She told BBC Two’s Daily Politics, Blair was saying Brown’s “policies, particularly in relation to the economy, but also on other issues, could be a knockout blow for David Cameron”.

No 10 is having none of that. It is ploughing on with the political silliness.

Blair refused to say who he was referring to when responding to emailed questions during an interview on the Downing Street website.

“I have decided to say nothing about it. You can say anything – people will always interpret these things but I have said all I want to say, at the moment.”

A No 10 spokesman, asked separately about the “heavyweight’s” identity, claimed the prime minister had been “speaking metaphorically”.

Excellent, metaphorically leadership, the key to victory.