Polls wrong again


Big trouble at the Everton v Arsenal game last night and further proof that football is becoming a middle-class game where results depend on players having standard English accents.

James McFadden was sent off for calling (ref Graham) Poll a cheat after he had rejected the first of several penalty appeals from Andrew Johnson.

McFadden said: “When the referee made the decision or rather, didn’t, I ran back and said: ‘That’s fucking shite’. And I’ve been sent off for it.”


I have spent much of the day trying to say “shite” in a Scottish accent and make it sound like “cheat” (its slow here at the moment.) But even so I am not having a great deal of success with it.


1) Is it possible to make these two words sound similar?
2) Should Faddy have been sent off anyway for swearing?
3) Is Graham Poll the most useless referee in the history of the Premier League? (Not to mention the World Cup)
4) Do you have any other interesting examples of misheard comments leading to trouble?