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Kammo in the Grauniad!

Make a particular point of reading the comments which include this choice one:

I live in Los Angeles, and I wish there were a Hizb’Allah free clinic somewhere in the neighbourhood. Got forbid You get sick in this richest country in the world without medical insurance. And believe me, few can afford it. You can say whatever u want about Hizb’Allah, but USA faschist regime doesn’t give a f.. about its poor and sick people, hunting down ‘illegal immigrants’, whose only crime is to work hard to feed there families. Strangely enough, all these ‘illegals’ are of Latina origin. Canadians can move and work here without a glitch, and there are miilions of them in States. Jim Carrey, Brendon Frasier, Michael Jay Fox, Pamela Lee- all Canadians. I never heard somebody claiming they are taking jobs from Americans. The greed, arrogance and hypocrisy of this country is astounding. I prefer Hizb’Allah to rotten, corrupt, cold-hearted Nazis like Bush, Dick(not even Richard), Condomlease NoRiceNoBread anytime.