Have you seen the Other Iraq?

Have you planned your hols yet? If not then maybe you could consider Iraqi-Kurdistan.

While Baghdad is sadly bombed daily, life in Iraqi-Kurdistan is looking up and appears to be full of dancing children, flag waving, next to no coalition troops and democracy in case you were wondering.

But seriously, the above images all form part of a promotional campaign launched by the Kurdistan Development Corporation. It’s a part thank you to the UK and US and part call for inward investment for what they are now dubbing “the other Iraq”.

There are three TV ads on the KDC website, which include Kurds thanking the UK and the US, and their allies, for removing Saddam and his regime.

The campaign has already been criticised here and there on the web for the usual reasons, with some pointing out that running an ad campaign as the Middle East teeters on the brink in Lebanon is in bad taste.

Maybe, but that’s a little harsh and you get the impression that there are people out there who are just uncomfortable with the fact that there is a piece of Saddam’s former Iraq where they are building democracy, airports and hospitals and trying to quietly get on with life.

If only the rest of the region could do the same.