Let Galloway spout off


George Galloway (check out his early-1960s hipster look above) is facing complaints for his anti-Israel bias on his weekly Talk Sport radio show, The Jewish Telegraph reports.

Israel’s supporters, he claimed, “are involved in a systematic deception of public opinion”. One Jewish caller was branded “racist” when trying to condemn Islamic terrorists.

Another attempting to discuss the Palestinian rockets raining down on the Israeli town of Sderot was told: “Just you calm down.”

And he had the audacity to warn a later caller: “Don’t hurl pro-Israel epithets at me.”

Galloway has been accused of “bullying” anyone who attempted to defend the fight against terrorism by cutting them off and repeatedly intervening.

But his supporters’ ramblings were unabridged and praised for their “genuine indignation”.

Among those criticizing Galloway is “paranormalist” Uri Geller, who sometimes appears on the same station. Geller said, “Supporters of Israel should unite and complain to ensure more balance on the station.”

Perhaps Geller could use his mental powers to bend Galloway’s microphone until it breaks.

Actually I think supporters of Israel should ask for equal time on the same station for a presenter who thinks Israel has a right to exist and defend itself. However– and maybe I’ve been numbed by American-style talk radio– I don’t think Galloway should be made to modify his anti-Israel rhetoric or necessarily have to be fair to pro-Israel callers. And I don’t understand why a “due impartiality” clause should apply to his or another show of one-sided opinion from any part of the political spectrum.

Presumably nobody tunes in to Galloway’s show for a “fair and balanced” presentation on Israel or any other topic. I suppose it would be nice if Galloway was willing to engage in a respectful exchange of views on Israel, but then that wouldn’t be Galloway. Listeners and callers surely know what they’re getting into, and they always have the right not to listen or not to call (a right they exercise in their millions). Galloway’s bias and his treatment of those with opposing views are obnoxious, but are they really a matter for the state?

Of course I won’t object to anyone who turns up at Monday night’s Israel-bashfest and takes vocal exception to Galloway’s almost-certain call for solidarity with the freedom fighters of Hamas and Hezbollah.

(Hat tip: The Popinjays.)