Galloway tour blog: he wowed ’em in Boston

According to a rather one-sided account on the official George Galloway Tour Blog (yes, there is one), Gorgeous received a standing ovation from a “boisterous” crowd of 400 at Boston’s Faneuil Hall Tuesday night.

If you can correctly supply the missing word here, then congratulations. You know your Galloway:

“The US and Britain’s unquestioning support for the State of ?????? is the flaw that lies at the heart of the West’s attitude toward the Muslim world.”

According to the blog:

In a small gesture of respect that very few people could see because of the position of the stage, he touched his fingers to his lips and gently laid a kiss on the bust of Fredrick Douglass that adorns the stage.

The great anti-slavery crusader Douglass, of course, stood against everything represented by the Confederate Civil War general Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, to whom Galloway feels a “very, very profound connection.”

Note: Apparently it will be possible to watch the Galloway-Hitchens match live.

Update: The GGTB links to the International Socialist Review, which includes an interview with Galloway in which he says the “collaborator forces of the puppet regime in Baghdad” are “being attacked not because they are Shiites, but because they are collaborators.”

A case of poor timing? Or perhaps he doesn’t even care.

(Hat tip: wardytron.)