Are you going to Anti-semitism 2005 comrade?

Aaronovitch on the Atzmon affair.

Gene adds: It’s interesting to see which websites have published Gilad Atzmon’s ringing defense of the SWP. One of them– (not affiliated with the Qatar-based TV station)– is run by Dr. Hassan A. El-Najjar, who has written:

Zionism is the highest stage of imperialism, which is the third stage of the development of capitalism. Its ultimate goal is hegemony over the world economies, using its control over the United States foreign policy.

The other is a bizarre conspiracy-obssessed “libertarian” site called Serendipity, which claims to oppose “Fascism, Zionism and the New World Order.” It links to articles by such antisemites as Kevin MacDonald and Israel Shamir, as well as by Atzmon.

Perhaps there was a time when this sort of thing would have disturbed the SWP. I think that time has passed.

(Thanks to Oliver Kamm in the comments.)