It was the Guardian wot won it?

In 2000, residents of Clark County, Ohio, voted for Al Gore by a margin of 1% (324 votes).

Following the combined letter-writing efforts of Guardian readers and assorted celebrity pundits of British leftiedom, (known as “Operation Clark County”) there was a significant swing to President Bush this time in Clark County, by a margin of 2.4%.

It was the Guardian wot won it?

Maybe we should be glad if they are going to be urging people to vote Lib Dem next year.

(Hat Tip: The Anarcho-Zionist)

David T adds:

Its better – and worse – than that.

Check out David Boothroyd’s analysis at Oliver Kamm:

David observes:

The overall vote change in Ohio was Bush up 1.0%, Kerry up 2.2% on Gore. Clark County therefore had a shift to Bush compared with the state average.