The Left

Leftists for Bush?

British Spin takes Oliver Kamm to task for saying that lefties should back George Bush. It is almost too predictable to bother saying but I agree entirely with Spin’s take on this.

So in order to be a leftist for Bush, you have to say-
What you say in a campaign is irrelevant to your presidency (unless you’re a democrat),
The war against terrorism is the most important issue we face in the world (but for a democrat to say it is more important than invading Iraq is disgraceful)
No issue matters more than the war on terrorism, (which is why I must support a president who is passing massive Tax cuts for the wealthy at a time when there are huge gaps in US homeland security).”

I think no issue is more important than the war on terrorism but the claim that George Bush is the only man who can save us from the threat is clearly nonsense.