Pete Newbon


David Hirsh, Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London and co-founder of Engage wrote an article about the late Pete Newbon. (Please click on the TwitterX link to access the article). The reaction from a section of the British left was instantaneous and repulsively savage. Rachel Riley and Victoria Smith who retweeted Hirsh came in for the kind of vituperative abuse that seems specially reserved for women and so I think it is important to read the article and decide for yourself what awful witches they are.

For one tribe, comprising trenchant Corbynistas, awful media like Skwawkbox, the likes of Kerry-Ann Mendoza, the   article  is a “completely unprovoked and vicious attack” on the sainted Michael Rosen- he of the  much-beloved kiddy books and oh-so-jewish identity.