A War on Safeguarding

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Maya Forstater stands in the middle.


The trans children’s charity Mermaids has been in the news for a series of very serious child safeguarding lapses exposed by a number of newspapers. Mermaids gave breast binders to children behind their parents’ backs, ran dodgy chatrooms for children and had an alleged pedophile in its Board of Trustees, just to give you the briefest summary. The Charities Commission is currently investigating Mermaids.

The latest scandal to hit the charity involves a staff member Darren Mew whose porn pictures and online kink exhibitionism are questionable to say the least, for a child charity worker.

Maya Forstater has been suspended from Twitter after transactivists reported her en masse for posting the pictures of Mew, who has since beat a hasty retreat from Mermaids. Please read Maya Forstater’s account of this incident for yourself and decide whose interests are served by this twitter suspension:

It is a basic principle of safeguarding that organisations must not advertise, through lax due diligence and an “anything goes” attitude, that they are an easy touch for predators, or they will invite predators.

This means children’s charities should not be employing pornographers who put their work in the public domain, or pro-paedophile professors, or soft-porn models who promote children to perform sexualised acts in front of men in clubs for money. They should not be raising money by selling calendars featuring BDSM, or livestreams with breastfeeding fetishists.

They should not be normalising any of this as being appropriate for children.

And they should not be punishing whistleblowers and making it hard to speak up and say this is not OK.

The hounding of gender-critical women and men from their jobs and from public forums (which Breslow wrote in support of) and attempts to brand organisations such as Transgender Trend and LGB Alliance as “hate groups” is not a culture war. It is a war on safeguarding.