Some  of you are  aware of  a recent tidy up by the blog owners ; a home page, Ukraine section, comment policy explainer and contact page have been added. An ‘Outside’ brawl space intended for off-topic  jousting was also instituted.I am not optimistic about the utility of the Outside space when  posts above the line are scarce and off-topic comments are the life of the blog. Still, dear commenters and comrades, do watch out for this space as I will try to keep that running regularly.


I hadn’t noticed these changes until today which tells you something about how observant I am! I was busy with work and didn’t have time to write anything though two topics – the constant scare of social media  misinformation and governments’ attempts to deal with it and the contentious abortion debate in the US – are on my mind. As usual, you are welcome to submit articles on any topic of interest.