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Normal Service Resumes

Now that war fatigue may have set in, we may catch up on other  news items.

When is violence ackshually a river of love?

When it is a black celebrity hitting a smaller black man doing his job in front of a global audience of course. Hollywood, that barometer of right thinking  and strident activism went silent but recovered enough to  give Will Smith a standing ovation minutes later for his tearful performance of a family man standing up for his little woman’s honour. Of course we live in a time when the best of our thinking class assert that words are violence and that one should punch a Nazi whenever the opportunity arises. This is a zionist blog frequented by people who have had family exterminated by Nazis, so punching down Nazis sounds like solid moral advice. Except that we now know that we are the hateful bigots, the racists, terfs, the zionazis, the blasphemers, the anti-vax mandate little shits, the white settler colonialists, the far right populists and other hateful categories that warrant snuffing out.

The Guardian outdid itself with its take on the supposed white outrage (there wasn’t much except for a few like Jim Carrey, who as a comedian must feel the approaching blunt force trauma). Its Canadian freelance writer, Tayo Bero, put up a strenuous argument for toxic black masculinity. Sadiq Khan, mayor of London must have been paying close attention to the feelz of the time because he – who has dismissed feminists like Joan Smith from the taskforce on violence against women and girls because she insists on remembering what women are – has introduced this zinger on the tube to do his bit for the violence-that-is-not-violence. Let’s not remind him about the black-on-black knife crime epidemic. Some black fellas clearly dont matter in the grand scheme. Leaving the glasses at home will not cut it as an excuse if you are caught squinting sexually at what passes for women, dear readers.