Asa Winstanley & Ali Abunimah Deny Uighur Genocide

The founder of the Electronic Intifada Ali Abunimah and Associate Editor Asa Winstanley deny that a genocide of the Chinese Uighur minority is taking place in the country.

Writing in the Electronic Intifada Abunimah claims:

“The allegations of genocide, forced labor and mass internment are rooted in dubious claims, falsehoods and outright speculation”

Backing up his boss on social media Winstanley tweeted:

Not content with just the one genocide denying tweet Winstanley went on a spree of them:

It will be interesting to see whether Warwick Student campaigners are bothered by this bearing this in mind his support of them:

How did Winstanley get to be an “initial signatory” of the petition? Wonder how that will go down with Uighur and Syrian students on Warwick campus, bearing in mind that Winstanley has also tweeted that there was no genocide in Syria:

“It was only a decade ago that some “Syrian exiles” were claiming there was a “genocide”. But that was all a way to justify the invasion & occupation of Syria, laundered as a “No-Fly Zone”.

The Electronic Intifada was Professor David Miller’s platform of choice to respond to criticism of comments he made that have led to Bristol University opening an investigation against him.

Miller has his own history when it comes to the Assad regime in Syria and has published several articles absolving Assad of responsibility for instances where the consensus has been that he murdered his own people.

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