Hurley Burley Doesn’t Age Well

Well, this tweet from the disgraced Sky News presenter Kay Burley has not aged well at all.

The media – most of which has behaved disgracefully throughout the pandemic – believe the peer down on us from their blinking high towers so it is apt that the most appropriate commentary on this can be borrowed from Phillip K Dick’s novel “The Man In The High Castle” (Now a successful television series, as they say…)

“They want to be the agents, not the victims, of history. They identify with God’s power and believe they are godlike. That is their basic madness. They are overcome by some archtype; their egos have expanded psychotically so that they cannot tell where they begin and the godhead leaves off. It is not hubris, not pride; it is inflation of the ego to its ultimate…”

Burley may not return to the airwaves. Much like Angus Deayton was let go from ‘Have I Got News For You’ when the presenter became more the news himself than the news presenter, so Ms Burley may find herself out of a job, and her own smug hubris is to blame.

Perhaps she could blame her eyesight and claim she genuinely thought it was the ‘Rule of 60’.