Yom Kippur Terror in Germany Kills Two

Two people were murdered by a right wing terrorist “loser” in the German city of Halle today on Yom Kippur.

The attacker’s target had been the synagogue but he failed to gain access to the building and instead killed whoever he found around him.

This is from an AFP report, full article here:

Parking in the leafy street by the high brick wall of the Jewish cemetery, the man who introduced himself as “Anon” is discouraged when he sees the massive wooden synagogue doors bolted shut.

When he fails to barge open smaller entrances, he lights the fuse of a home-made bomb and hurls it over the wall.

A shocked old man in a cap hurriedly turns his bicycle away as the shooter walks from the explosion.

After the door resists another bomb, a 50-something woman in a pink shirt, light scarf and glasses walks by, grumbling at the bizarrely-dressed attacker but apparently almost unfazed.

He levels an automatic weapon and fires a short burst into her back.

Further efforts to force the door prove useless, and after pitching more bombs and a molotov cocktail over the wall, he fires another, longer burst into the lifeless body of the woman lying by his car.

The murderer proceeded to find a target that would allow him to kill more and settled on a kebab kiosk where he killed one individual, shooting him with a shotgun at point blank range.

These truly are terrible times.

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