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More disturbing revelations of Labour’s antisemitism problem

The horrifying abuse faced by Joan Ryan has, unsurprisingly, attracted outrage. However this wasn’t the only shocking element in the Daily Mail’s latest piece on Labour and antisemitism.  An account of a meeting, held to support Marc Wadsworth, and which featured Chris Williamson as a leading speaker, contained some disturbing detail:

Dave Rich pointed out on Twitter that Chris Williamson’s own comments constituted ‘dog-whistle conspiracy talk’.

Certain dark forces are using their power, using their contacts in the media, in order to take out key allies like Marc and others from the struggle.

However most shocking was this report of a Labour councillor’s comments:

Another Labour councillor drew laughs with a series of comments in which she suggested the term ‘due process’ should be dubbed ‘Jew process’ and also swapped Labour’s ‘For the many not the few’ slogan to ‘For the many as well as bad for the Jews’.

As with parallel problems on Facebook and Twitter the problem isn’t so much that one person says something vile – but that others (assuming this is accurately reported) find such remarks not merely acceptable, but funny.