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David Duke: “Corbyn is right on Israel”

Let’s cheer up poor old Jeremy Corbyn. On another tough day, he’s had a new endorsement! From none other than the notorious racist and former KKK leader David Duke.

Eyeing wicked “Jewish power” plots, Duke says Corbyn stands out on the left and in his party:

So the biggest issue of all, whether they raise somebody up to honour status, like Nelson Mandela, or, for that matter, a Bernie Sanders, or a leftist like Hillary Clinton, is whether or not they abide not only the state of Israel, they all do that, it seems like even the Labour party does in a sense defend Israel half the time, but they all, what’s really important to them is their agenda.

And because Corbyn has dared, and we don’t like Corbyn’s position on immigration, obviously, he’s in alliance with a lot of the non-British people, but at the same time he has told the truth that it’s not necessarily in the interests of the British people to support the Zionist Jewish state of Israel and how the Zionists have a huge amount of influence in our media, they’ve got a huge amount of influence in our government, they’ve got a huge amount of interest and influence in political fundraising and propaganda, and they have a huge amount of influence in even the Hollywood media.

The bottom line is clear for Mr Duke:

Corbyn on the issue of immigration is wrong and I don’t support him. But on the issue of Israel, he is right. And of course he is right.

Duke then turns to British press reports of his earlier expressions of support for Corbyn:

There were hundreds of articles in the British press showing a picture of me in Klan robes saying that Corbyn’s evil because David Duke likes the fact he’s standing up against the Zionist power which is so influencing Great Britain and the Western world.

Don’t let the Zionists get you down, Jeremy!