QC says Israel created ‘to compensate for the Holocaust’

This is a cross-post by Jonathan Hoffman

It was at an event organised by the Palestine Return Centre in 2013 that Jeremy Corbyn suggested that Zionists “having lived in this country for a very long time, probably all their lives … don’t understand English irony”.

I have never attended a PRC event where antisemitism has not run free. It was at a PRC event where Gerald Kaufman referred to ‘Jewish money‘ and at another where Jenny Tonge placed herself on the path to resignation/dismissal.  The former spokesman of the PRC, Sameh Habeeb, was dropped as a Labour council candidate earlier this year and suspended from the Party for alleged antisemitic remarks.

Now I read that the PRC has paid for an opinion on the IHRA definition of antisemitismfrom the eminent Human Rights barrister, Geoffrey Robertson QC.

We are not told how much the eminent barrister was paid but wonder of wonders, his learned opinion is not very favourable to the definition (Irony, Jeremy!).Yet another of our finest legal minds is commissioned by an Israel Hate organisation and comes up with a negative learned opinion of the IHRA. Mirabile dictuHe joins his eminent silken colleague, Hugh Tomlinson QC.

If the PRC thought that Mr Robertson’s learned opinion might influence Labour’s NEC which meets on Tuesday, I have sad news. They’ve wasted their money. There are many adjectives one might use to describe this opinion. ‘Learned’ is not one of them.

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