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Corbynista Andrew Murray and Hezbollah

It is easy to see why Andrew Murray has been welcomed to Jeremy Corbyn’s inner circle. He is a fanatical Israel hater.

Consider a scene from London in July 2006, when Murray, Corbyn, far left agitators and Islamists marched to protest against Israel’s bid to defend itself against Hezbollah.

Excited, Murray reads a message from Hezbollah to a cheering crowd. It is addressed to “our friends from around the world” from the “freedom fighters of Hezbollah”. Unity! Listen for yourself.

Explicit support for Hezbollah was right out in the open at this demonstration. The poor old Socialist Party was somewhat disgruntled:

However, left-wing leading members of the Stop the War Coalition, including George Galloway and Andrew Murray, not only failed to raise socialist ideas but also expressed uncritical support for the Islamist Hamas and Hezbollah.

The crowd was predictably ugly. “Victory to the Intifada!”

“Raise the red flag!”


“We are all Hezbollah!”

“Let’s chant for Hezbollah as Azzam ‘Kaboom’ Tamimi speaks!”

For his part, Jeremy Corbyn shouted about Israeli “state terrorism” and told the crowd it was important that they had assembled because the demonstration would be reported on television. For him, the nasty scenes were a matter of pride.

Hezbollah is not enough for Andrew Murray. As readers know, he also supports “resistance” against NATO forces. Our soldiers on active duty overseas? Best kill them.

But let us not forget that the victims of NATO are not in Europe. They are in the Middle East. They are in South Asia. And our common humanity and our desire to defeat NATO demands that we extend the hand of sympathy and solidarity to those who are suffering from NATO’s policy of aggression and imperialism, and not just to those who are suffering but those who are exercising their right to resist that policy.

Mr Murray likes ranting about antisemitism “smears” as well.

Andrew Murray and his master Jeremy Corbyn are lifelong supporters of terrorist groups and bug-eyed hatred of Israel. They will never change.

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