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Why you should read the Jewish Chronicle

What, comrade, you don’t know?!? Reeducation for you.

Jeremy Corbyn’s long serving personal secretary once urged Labour supporters to read the JC to “show you who not to vote for”.

Nicolette Petersen, 61, who has worked for Mr Corbyn since 1994, wrote a how-to-guide to help voters rid Parliament of MPs who support Israel.

The pamphlet, which was written before the 2010 election, urged Labour supporters to support other parties if the Labour candidate was a “friend of Israel.”

She wrote:” There are several candidates who have truly shone on Palestinian issues and who will need a lot of support to keep their seats.

“Read the Jewish Chronicle online and look at websites that will show you who not to vote for: Conservative / Lib Dem / and Labour Friends of Israel list Andrew Gwynne MP (Chair), Louise Ellman, Glenis Willmott (vice chairs) and many more.”

You can read all of Petersen’s wisdom here. A sample:

The Tories have much more financial support from the Israeli Lobby than any of the other parties so don’t be fooled by individual politicians — you have to consider both party policy and personal promise.

Bloody Jews and their money, eh.