An Israel-themed trio

First, a report of what sounds like a gruesome experience for David Collier in Cork – he’s attending the conference on Israel and international law.  Here’s an excerpt.

I have little doubt now that the Falk/Tilley report was timed to coincide with this Cork conference. Almost every speaker at Cork referenced it, and each in turn described it as an important  ‘UN’ report. This in itself is enough to discredit every academic involved.

What we know is that a UN agency consisting almost entirely of enemies of Israel commissioned a notorious anti-Israel activist to write a report suggesting Israel is an Apartheid state. When it became clear upon the report being published what had occurred, the UN simply pulled the report. It is therefore unethical for an academic to suggest this is a UN report. They have to be aware they are pushing bogus goods. What this in effect highlighted is that we are dealing with activists willing to abuse academia to push their own ideological cause.

Do read the full post here. According to another delegate, Oren Ben Dor was on his usual form:

The second story is less obviously linked to Israel, but does concern Zionism, and its relationship to both Jewish identity and antisemitism.  Tomorrow Owen Jones is to give the inaugural Jewish Labour Movement Henry Smith Memorial Lecture, and here you can read an interview with Rosa Doherty for the Jewish Chronicle.  For some time – since I wrote this piece certainly – Owen Jones seems to have been developing a more careful and considered view of antisemitism.

You get this classic blaming thing when you talk about antisemitism, and people go ‘well what about Israel’. It is just wrong.  … Lots of my friends who are Jewish describe themselves as Zionists. They are supporters of Israel but that does not mean they don’t criticise the government.

Not surprisingly, some don’t welcome this move from Jones:

Finally, a very concerning story from Israel.  I realize the region faces many environmental challenges but had no idea that in 20 years time there may be no fish left in the Dead Sea.  I’m sure readers will want to sign this important petition.