The Inventors of “The Lobby”

Recently al Jazeera brought out a four part documentary entitled “The Lobby” purporting to show how Israel was attempting to subvert British democracy.

The only claim of substance was taken from an Israeli junior embassy staffer talking about “taking down” deputy foreign minister Alan Duncan. Despite the fact that the only “evidence” obtained was against the Conservative Party the undercover reporter targeted Jewish organisations in the Labour Party.

The people in the photo below are (from left) Ewen MacAskill of The Guardian, Clayton Swisher Director of Investigative Journalism at al Jazeera, Seamus Milne Labour Party’s Executive Director of Strategy and Communications, Phil Rees Investigations Manager at al Jazeera Media Network and Will Jordan Al Jazeera Investigative Producer.

The team that created a four part documentary looking at Jewish organisations within the Labour Party are buds with the man who sits at the top of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party whispering in the leader’s ear.

Who’d have guessed?